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anthems for drifters

Everyone just pretends to be normal

And so here we are again, attempt number 3 at keeping a blog. I really do have to start remembering that – I have a blog. Because I really am a bum (& thus the inclination to avoid doing anything remotely productive), I hope this space will become a reminder for me to live in the moment and really make the most out of every experience.

Maybe, just maybe, this space can also become an outlet for me to vent my frustrations and kill my boredom when college starts ie fill the void left behind when kdrama/tv deprivation kicks in (Mum, i’m just kidding…)

I’m not much for introductions so I’ll just end here. ONE MORE WEEK TO MELBOURNE!

P.S. how great is this theme?! The “NEW” sign next to the title of the post is so… awkward haha.


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