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anthems for drifters

Everyone just pretends to be normal


ps. the video is better enjoyed full size.

This video is from 3 months back, when Rachael was in town but I just wanted to share it because Rachael Yamagata is just so amazing live. It really was like straight out of the record. I’m not usually into melancholy music and lyrics and I tend to gravitate towards more upbeat albeit kooky music (or summer ish music as I would like to call them), but somehow Rachael resonates with me. I’m more of a jazz kind of girl but her lyrics are so poetic, you can’t help but be moved you know?

Anyway I intend to make this blog more of a vlog because I loveeee making videos and I think it would be a great way to document my journey at UC Berkeley especially in cases when I’m at a lost for words. So here’s my first video post!


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