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anthems for drifters

Everyone just pretends to be normal

Blogging in the middle of my vacation with my family in Melbourne right now… The weather today has been really chilly. While we were at Queen Victoria Market this afternoon, there was actually hail for a few seconds and then it rained. So we decided to go back to the apartment and I cooked curry for tomorrow while watching Take Me Out to the Ball Game. It’s probably the best 1940s-1950s musical film that i’ve watched in a long time. And best of all it starred Gene Kelly, my favourite american actor! (okay second favourite after gregory peck heh) Go watch it!!

Not sure what’s the itinerary is for tomorrow. I guess we don’t really have one because we are just hanging around but I like it this way because it is so much more relaxing. Last saturday we drove past the great ocean drive and then to see the twelve apostles and on Sunday we went to Lake Mountain to ski. The drive was sooo long I practically slept through both days. Boo you, car sickness. Woe is me. But the view at Lake Mountain and at the twelve apostles was so amazing, it was worth it. We drove past Maryville to get to Lake Mountain and it was soo beautiful! We literally drove through a forest and it was foggy and misty, straight out of a movie. (or in Justine’s words, Lord of the rings)

But everyone was so tired after all that driving so yesterday we basically slept in and then in the afternoon I went to Bourke street with my Mum and sister for some exploring and in the evening we met up with my dad, brother, sister and my first cousin (who is older than me haha) for some really good Korean food at Oriental Spoon. More on that later.

Just because videos are always more fun, here is a video of the past week in Melbourne!! I think Part 2 is coming up…

ps. the video is better enjoyed FULL SIZE.


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